Design creates culture, culture shapes values.

Values determine the future.

Our services include:

Space assessment (research) 

When looking for a new office space  or redesigning your existing workplace, you may wonder how much space you will need, how you can utilise the space you are currently in, or how the new space will increase your employees’ engagement and productivity?

Our space assessment service answers these questions for you. We research the way you work, the facilities you need and the future predictors of change that you anticipate.

This provides us with an understanding of your company’s specific needs. We then present these findings to you in a document detailing your exact requirements.



Space planning (research)

Once you have decided on your new office building or have chosen to redesign your existing workplace, we compile a test-fit layout for your business. A test-fit layout is a plan of the space that illustrates the different work and support spaces (client interface areas, dining and refreshment areas, collaboration spaces, meeting areas etc.) required for your office facility.

Once we have been appointed, we conduct a more detailed space planning exercise for you.

Interior Design

Interior design enhances your workplace and employee experience. We apply the science of human behaviour to design a unique space that expresses your  culture and brand, helps to attract and retain both staff and clients and creates an enticing and productive work environment. We consider colour, texture, light, contrast, variety, style and proportion to design your new workspace.

Procurement (Build)

As design consultants, with no financial interests in any company involved in the supply of products or services that are related to our industry, Volume Design Studio is able to offer unbiased advice and can demand competitive prices and superior service from our suppliers on your behalf.

Construction Management

In order to deliver the highest quality of workmanship – and according to the correct safety standards – we manage the entire project process from demolition to construction, furniture delivery and installation, through to the final cleaning and snag resolution.

Our work

Our dedicated and talented team of interior designers approach each project with enthusiasm and are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and expertise, ensuring our clients needs and expectations are surpassed.

We assist our clients in creating spaces that are unique expressions of their tastes and personalities and designing and assembling finishes and fixtures that are suited to the clients’ needs, taste and sensibilities with particular attention to a spaces purpose. 

Design that communicates, not just decorates.

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