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Volume Design Studio is committed to providing exceptional design services for hotel, restaurant, residential and casinos. Quality driven interior design company offering a one-stop solution for interior design, brand design and project management, offering a full scope of services to meet our clients’s requirements.

Casino Interior Design

Interior design is an important aspect of our everyday life. We live in an environment that we designed for ourselves or that somebody else designed for us, and our surroundings influence the way we feel, think and act.

One great example of how interior design influences us can be found in casinos. Big modern casinos put a lot of effort into how their interiors are designed and have a good reason to spend a lot of resources on this. Volume Design Studio understands the psychology of how designed space influences people’s behaviour.

Residential Interior Design

Your partner in helping you make critical decisions relating to your new/existing house, including functional layout, specifying materials and fixtures, colours and finishes to achieve your perfect finished space. We interface with the architect, contractor and other professionals that may be involved in the project.

Restaurant Interior Design

Volume Design Studio can assist you in planning your restaurant layout, atmosphere and create your unique and perfect environment. We design custom made fixtures and fittings, including specialized lighting techniques to create your perfect atmosphere that understands your local market and the needs of your client base. 

Hotel Interior Design

It can be a daunting task for a business owner to be faced with an empty leased space with no design direction. Working with a professional designer can help project future client needs which can be planned for in the initial stages, thus reducing the cost of drastically altering the design as the business grows.

Retail Interior Design

Retail interior design is the biggest marketing budget item retailers have to pay for, so if done right, good retail design will build your brand, pull traffic into your store and increase your sales and average basket size. Our designers pride themselves on their ability to create retail spaces that are both practical and cost effective and visually exciting. This results in a stunning space that wows your customers and maximises your budget.

We offer retail design services for everything from full franchise design concepts, to exciting store revamps to impact-full seasonal window display designs.

It is now known that our surroundings have a great effect on how we feel, act and perform. With this in mind, our working environment can make a huge difference when it comes to happiness at work and the resulting productivity. 

Colour and texture play an important role in creating a comfortable and inspiring setting for all staff within a corporate interior environment. Consideration is also given to temperature control, sufficient lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, the health and safety of the staff members and security. All the aspects that would combine to form successful, well utilised, office interiors.

Design that communicates, not just decorates.

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